The Playground 2 garden beds are coming alive….


The playgrounds are alive with…the sounds of worms chewing their way through our new P2 garden beds! Not only are the little beasts aerating our compacted soil mix, but they are adding their fertile castings to the garden beds so that our new plants have some nutrients to snack on! We hope to mulch each bed early next week with sugar cane mulch to retain moisture and to encourage microbe and worm numbers. Imagine your life as a common (but vitally important) garden worm…. trying to wriggle your way through pitch black soil, without any eyes, arms, legs, fingers or even ears, no brain and not knowing where you are or where you are going to…a bit like being a Demons supporter at the moment! Lots of great things are finally happening now in Playground 2 – and we’re all VERY excited!


2 thoughts on “The Playground 2 garden beds are coming alive….

  1. 3/4 Dalton have enjoyed every minute of their gardening. They particularly enjoyed making Betty. She is standing up to the inclement weather quite well but we will enjoy giving her a makeover when the rain finally stops.

    We have more planting to do and the mulch to spread and every day we check to see the growth of our peas – all very exciting.

    We now need to create some kind of structure to support our peas and beans – so if anyone has any suggestions please let us know….

  2. The garden project is a wonderful initiative set up at St. Dominic’s school. Each class has their own designated area and they are looking fabulous. I especially love the scarecrow and the owl. I also can’t wait to try some of the vegetables that were planted. Are you going to use some ofthem to make a special meal?

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