Minutes of P2 Garden Meeting 25.7.2013

Present: Tom, Susie D, Genevieve, Richard, Georgie, Sam and Ben

A chilly Winters morning but still some hardy souls fronted our garden meeting at 8am in the library – Well Done!

Some topics we discussed:

  • Not much had been happening in the garden since the beginning of the new term due to the cold and inclement weather. However 1/2 Mardling have picked some bok choy and 3/4 Dalton are organising a stir fry session with class parents, where bok choy will be cooked and eaten by the class. This vegetable seems to be ‘possum proof’ at the moment, is quick growing (and easy to grow) and is loaded with lots of valuable nutrients.
  • A great idea would be to visit other school gardens or community gardens to collect ideas for garden layout and companion planting of herbs, flowers and vegetables. We all should take photos of whatever we see of interest and load them on the blog for discussion.
  • News of the Garden Goings-On can be read on this blog, through the weekly school e-news and by word of mouth, of course. Parents, grandparents and other family members should be made welcome to visit the P2 garden to browse and relax and maybe, at some time in the future, to enjoy a tea or coffee among the peace and tranquility of the plants!
  • The Vertical or Hanging Gardens are our next point of focus and we are appealing for all those parents with expertise or experience in this area to come forward and share! What to plant – and where? How best to use these valuable resources to beautify the P2 precinct?
  • Enviroweek 2013 – 25th – 31st August. How best to involve the school during this time? Lots of online educational activities to access – more info on this to come.
  • Garden Meetings from now on will be held on a monthly basis, probably the last Thursday of each month.

We then enjoyed a brief tour of the garden and by then the 30 minutes allocated to our meeting had long expired!

3 thoughts on “Minutes of P2 Garden Meeting 25.7.2013

  1. I hear there is bok choy ready for picking and cooking! Looking forward to seeing the photos (or video) of 3/4 Dalton’s “Master Chef” session in the Canteen.

  2. St. Dominic’s Garden Project looks fantastic. Well done.
    Statue of St. Dominic looks like Fr. Paul.

    • Hey, Tony. Glad to hear from you! The statue is of a slim man, so it may be modelled on Fr Paul. However, I believe it was made in an Asian country and may be just a typical ‘bloke size’ from that region! We’re going to give him his staff back for special occasions so it won’t be souvenired – or used as a weapon during playtime!

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