Prep Bird Watchers!

Father bird watching Preps

Preps watching father bird!

Mother bird watching Preps

Preps watching mother bird!



Mrs Gannan’s Preps were out in the playground having a close look at our magnificent feathered guests, while the Tawny Frogmouths were having a close look at the Preps!

The male bird was quite defensive and was doing his best to camouflage by looking like a branch of the tree. The female bird on the nest also kept a close eye on the Preps, but she had nothing to worry about – they looked intently and with great interest and then quietly left to let mother bird incubate her eggs!


Our Tawny Frogmouths keep the eggs warm..!

Day after day, our resident playground birds sit on their eggs (Yes, the male bird has a stint too!) and wait for the first sound of an egg cracking…it’s taken a long time! Not once has their nest been hit by a football and they seem oblivious to all the noise and action in the Prep playground around them. So calm and so peaceful, I think the Tawny Frogmouth has become my favourite animal!

Election Day Stall of Garden Produce!

Sam the Spruiker

Eye catching Poster!

Our new garden stock

Our garden produce – bagged!

In a desperate bid to try and make Election Day 2013 a little more meaningful, we set up a stall outside the Polling Booth at St Dom’s, right next to the delicious cakes and slices for sale! No “Sausage Sizzle” was available to draw in the crowds, so we knew we would need to ‘spruik’ every passer-by to garner attention!

There was definite interest in our produce and our ‘story’ and Sam marketed well using terms such as “organic produce”, “school garden”, “take a sample for a small donation”, “student centred”, “visit our garden”, “thank-you” and so on. In a Blue Ribbon Liberal electorate which was certain to re-elect Josh Frydenberg for another term, at least our display injected a modicum of excitement and unpredictability to the day – as no-one knew for sure which of our samples contained a snail, or an insect or even a grain of genuine garden soil…! Hence, our produce (I think) was far more exciting than what was unfolding in the private booths next door! More than $40 was donated and this was quickly spent on new seedlings to re-stock the garden beds for the Spring growing season.

Could this be the week?

Mother Tawny Frogmouth on her nest

Our pair of Tawny Frogmouths have been sitting on their eggs for 3 weeks now and generally hatchlings appear after about 25 days. Hence, this week could be an exciting experience of Spring and new life for the students of St Dominics!