Election Day Stall of Garden Produce!

Sam the Spruiker

Eye catching Poster!

Our new garden stock

Our garden produce – bagged!

In a desperate bid to try and make Election Day 2013 a little more meaningful, we set up a stall outside the Polling Booth at St Dom’s, right next to the delicious cakes and slices for sale! No “Sausage Sizzle” was available to draw in the crowds, so we knew we would need to ‘spruik’ every passer-by to garner attention!

There was definite interest in our produce and our ‘story’ and Sam marketed well using terms such as “organic produce”, “school garden”, “take a sample for a small donation”, “student centred”, “visit our garden”, “thank-you” and so on. In a Blue Ribbon Liberal electorate which was certain to re-elect Josh Frydenberg for another term, at least our display injected a modicum of excitement and unpredictability to the day – as no-one knew for sure which of our samples contained a snail, or an insect or even a grain of genuine garden soil…! Hence, our produce (I think) was far more exciting than what was unfolding in the private booths next door! More than $40 was donated and this was quickly spent on new seedlings to re-stock the garden beds for the Spring growing season.

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