Minutes of 2013 Garden Meetings

Meeting of September 5th

Attendees: Tom, Georgie, Samantha M, Ben

1. We need to begin harvesting – where to start? What should we do with the produce? Should we attempt to market produce on Election day? Sign? Each level to decide on what to pick by Friday.

2. Vertical Gardens – have been dug over, watered, weeded and now need to be planted for the Spring season. Snow peas need to be staked ASAP. Watering system needs to be activated. Herbs and other seedlings to be purchased on the weekend to renew the garden beds.

3. What to grow for our Spring season? Consider that we will have a 10 week Term 4 and then Christmas holidays with little supervision and care available for plants.

4. Term 4 garden audit – what has worked, what has not? Balance of vegetables to flowers? Feedback from students?

5. Garden Blog is up and running – feel free to contribute everybody!

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